Mindmap to the installation Post Art Card Shop
The souvenir - mass-produced, reproduction character x The Artwork - genuine - tradition-(aura)
The Museum shop (commodity) x The Museum (work)
                                                                       x= Unknown
                                  * In Search of the Art Object
*Hegel claimed that the world spirit grows constantly as a result of encountering contradictions that in turn necessitate a transition to a higher order of truth.​​​​​​​
*At the end of each spring semester, Malmö Art Academy produces an Annual Exhibition. During this exhibition, the students invite visitors to their studios, and the school building takes the form of a museum. During the Annual Exhibition of 2016, I turned my studio into a museum shop, which was also an artwork. Pictures are available in the Malmö Art Academy Yearbook for 2016–17.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

3-d flip Card 10 x 15 cm

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